I will be out of the office for the next 2 weeks so I wanted to update you today with an interesting case. This week a business contact of mine described to me a problem with her child.  See if you can relate.

Children are unique. There are no 2 alike.  I have 2 sons that are grown up and their whole lives they have been different from one another.  Totally different likes and dislikes and yet they were raised in the same house with the same parents.

Let me re-state that — They were raised by my lovely wife.

So, a business contact was here this week and told me about the GI problems her son was having.  When you work for a company that makes fiber you get a lot of this type of information.

The problem is that the child has issues in the “Number 2” area and she was very concerned.  She has scheduled him to see a specialist which is the correct thing to do, but I couldn’t help but ask:  “Are you trying to solve a problem or manage a condition?”

We began talking about his eating habits and like all children, he has certain likes and dislikes.  Mainly he likes too many things such as cheese!!!

In her effort to help the child she has been giving him Miralax®.

“Do you know what’s in Miralax®?” I asked.

“Not really,” she said.

So I picked up the sample we have  in the office and asked her to read the ingredients.

“Polyethylene Glycol 3350!!” she read.

I asked her, “Now, what tree or plant does that come from?”

Heres what polyethylene glycol looks like

Here's what polyethylene glycol looks like

This is what the psyllium plant looks like

This is what the psyllium plant looks like

The problem we have as parents is that we want to fix the child as soon as possible, but not change the habits that may have caused the problem (constipation).

I explained that for occasional constipation this product will work but in my opinion she should make sure to have the child examined by a physician. But also start adding a few things to his diet.

She asked what should she change.

I said, “Speaking as a fellow parent, not a doctor, I would start to reduce the amount of cheese per day and switch his snacks over to fruits and vegetables.  I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but wouldn’t you prefer a natural solution?”

Now, what about fiber for kids? I  told her it would not hurt to start adding a little Konsyl® psyllium daily.  Now you have to be smart about this because Konsyl Original® is 100% natural psyllium fiber; therefore, a full dose is too much for a child.  I said why not try just  1/8 of a teaspoon of psyllium powder shaken up in his juice every morning. I have even been told parents mix Konsyl fiber with applesauce or yogurt. Second thing is to make sure he is drinking enough fluids each day.  No, not soda! Water. You know,  that other natural product.

She said she would try and I left it at that.  I also reiterated to make sure you go to the physician.

As parents we all want our children to be well but sometimes common sense is needed.  Between pulling your hair out and worrying, a plan must be put together to change our children’s eating habits.  Does this sound familiar to any of you???

Just food for thought.

Have a good weekend,

The Fiber Guy


Traveling with fiber

I was going through some of my e-mails and saw Maryetta, a former Konsyl employee and truly wonderful person, sent me an update on her life.   You see, her husband decided a while back that he would start up a business and they would travel around the country in an recreational vehicle  to do his work.

He developed some type of computer program that would work with tracking any service that was performed on your Toyota no matter where you were in the country.  Pretty neat idea!

Maryetta on the other hand does a variety of things while traveling  such as card making (Maryetta Basket),  blogging,  Reiki, and she has even done  harvesting of beets.  She does keep herself busy.

Well with all the traveling,  she was not feeling as energetic as she used to.

She tells it better than I do, so here is her story:

Hey, John!
First, hello and hope your new year is filled with good health and prosperity.
Of all people, I should be educated about Konsyl products and the good it does, but  how quickly we forget. Anyway, since being on the road and traveling from place to place, in our RV for two years now, eating and drinking water from many different sources, it became obvious that I needed a “constant” in my new life style. I was “staying tired” and feeling lethargic most days. My bathroom visits became less consistent and my ability to get a good night’s sleep became almost impossible.
I so enjoy reading your Blog, and went into some of your archives one day and read the “4 Warning Signs of Low Fiber” again. It was like going to the doctor and finding out that he could give me a pill to take for ALL my symptoms, at once. Duh! Why didn’t I think of Konsyl! You had taught me everything about this miracle product….and I had let myself down.

Good news is that I am feeling so much better since starting a regular regime again, my sleep patterns aren’t perfect but I sleep longer periods.  I “feel” like exercising more because I don’t have that feeling of bloatedness and heaviness like before. I feel like a new person. Thank you, John, you rock!

Best regards,
Maryetta Dynan

Just the thought for today about managing your good health with fiber and Konsyl.

If you do a lot of traveling, consider packing some individual packets of Konsyl psyllium fiber. I have also gotten email from a flight attendant and a truck driver who both found a little fiber to be invaluable when you’re away from home and can’t eat as healthfully as you’d like.

The Fiber Guy

It’s the end of March and I almost forgot about a terrific article that I saw in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It was the February issue: “Know Your Heart.” A friend of mine called me and said, ” You just got a great mention  in this article.”   Well, Easton is a small town but that Saturday I went out and, after a few stops, I found the issue. Now I want to share it with you.

As we age, there are things we all must learn. Managing your health — and especially being heart healthy —  is one of the essentials.   Did you know that 1 in 3 women dies from heart disease, a problem that is largely preventable? The article goes on to suggest that, with regular exercise,  a proper diet and also adding some supplements, you can help decrease the risk.

The first addition to your daily routine is to start adding soluble fiber.  We have all heard about adding fiber; it’s in all the papers and on TV. Yet what this article recommend?  Why, psyllium, of course.

I know, I know, psyllium is used as a laxative and you’re saying, “I don’t need a laxative.”  Psyllium has more uses. Clinical studies done with both oatmeal and psyllium were reviewed by the FDA.  The Food and Drug Administration review found that there was a heart health benefit.  In fact, you can reduce  your cholesterol anywhere from 10-15% by adding these fibers to your daily routine.   So how much psyllium do I need per day?  Well, the article says 10 to 12 grams per day.  (Check our chart of recommended amounts of Konsyl psyllium fiber products.)

Now the two products that I know about which are registered as over the counter (OTC) drugs are Metamucil and Konsyl.  Everyone knows Metamucil because Proctor & Gamble has done a wonderful job in advertising this product.

You may not know about Konsyl but you may want to take a minute and learn about us. Konsyl is the only OTC product which contains ONLY 100% Natural Psyllium. This is important because you want the most bang for your buck. The other benefit of Konsyl is that it does not contain any fillers,  sugars  or flavors. If you’re watching your glucose levels, this is great to know.

I know you’re thinking psyllium is hard to mix.  Not if you know the secret.  Add it to your favorite juice in a shaker cup or use a whisk.  It blends up just right!!! You can also get creative and find ways of making it right for you (get psyllium recipe ideas here).

Now, don’t try to start taking too much at once because as a all-natural product, it takes time to adjust your routine.  As a lot of smart people tell me:  “You cannot run a marathon until you learn to do a 3K  first.”  So start off with a smaller dose (1/4 teaspoon) and build up to a level you are comfortable with.  It takes all of one minute!  Less time than it takes to brush your teeth — and you do that every day, don’t you??

Face it : Your life is not practice, it is the real deal!  We have to learn how to manage our good health and Iwould rather do that then to have to take medicine the rest of my life.   So if your cholesterol levels  are borderline high, why not try the natural solution?  Why not try Konsyl? And don’t forget you can still get this trial pack of Konsyl psyllium (which comes with the shaker cup!) for less than $3.

Have a good day.

The Fiber Guy

P.S.  Take a look at your grocery or pharmacy shelf. Konsyl is right there with the other fiber supplements — look for the burgundy cap. You can also make it easy and order online. Here’s a list of stores that carry Konsyl.

In the Spring Zone

I always love this time of year.  Spring  just around the corner.  And how do you know when it is here?  Well, we are lucky to live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  We are flanked by the waters of the  Cheaspeake Bay and rural farming areas.  So if you pay attention to nature it will let you know when you have turned the corner and entered the “Spring Zone”.

I first noticed the the Canadian geese who winter here started to  leave.  If you never witnessed the event,  it is quite amazing. All of the sudden the geese which have stayed here all winter get up and start flying.   Well, they fly every day, but this is when they start climbing  to a very high altitude .  There could be hundreds to thousands  in flight. And the noise! Well, we will not go there.  In a matter of a week there could be as many as 500,000 starting their journey back north.

The second thing is that the osprey returns to the bay area.  These birds are great hunters.  They leave in the fall and I am told that it’s based on the amount of light during the day.   I think it is true — they  are now back building  nests on all the markers in the river.

The benefit of spring to me is the energy that you get just by being out in the sun and working in the yard.   Did you ever notice this effect on you?  I guess I could tie in taking Konsyl  fiber and how it boosts your energy but today was all about spring.

Have a great day.

The Fiber Guy

Twice the fiber!!! Why??

It’s Friday the 13th and I keep checking on this blog from time to time.  It seems once you start this you really cannot stop.  I see quite a few people searching for info on Konsyl vs Metamucil. So I wanted to address WHY to choose Konsyl over Metamucil and other products.

First,  you should know only two fiber products can make claims: Konsyl and Metamucil.   We are both considered “Over the Counter  Drugs” (OTC) and with that status comes  the right to make medical claims.  I know you see beautiful people drinking things on TV but that doesn’t tell you anything. All fibers are not the same.  Read on and learn.

Konsyl has nearly TWICE the fiber! Know why it has twice the fiber???  It is easy. When Konsyl originated many, many years ago, it was formulated as a pure, psyllium-based product.  The general dose for all these types of products is a teaspoon. With Konsyl, 6 grams of our psyllium fits on a teaspoon.

spoonful of Konsyl psyllium

Why is that important???  Most products have other things in them such as sugars, maltodextrin and artificial flavors.  Those products only give you 3.4 grams of fiber per teaspoon. If we compare apples to apples, half a teaspoon of Konsyl is equal to a full teaspoon of the other products.

1/2 teaspoon Konsyl = 1 full teaspoon competitor’s fiber

You may think you are getting more for your money with a BIG canister, but how much FIBER are you really getting???

Another point I learned from a pharmacist this week: The purer the product, the better it is for you. That should be a easy one to remember! If you are trying to add fiber to your life and  you are trying to go  “Natural,” think of Konsyl.

The Fiber Guy

P.S. Don’t forget, you can try Konsyl for 7 days. You just pay S&H. You won’t regret it! Get the Konsyl trial pack here.

It’s been quiet here on the blog – we’ve been busy working on new websites! Now I am thrilled to show them to you. Come check out the new www.konsyl.com and www.addfiber.com. They are awesome!

A look at the new www.konsyl.com

A look at the new http://www.konsyl.com

Get your own diet diary to keep track of daily fiber grams. Or try the Fiber Quiz.
Learn more about other ways fiber can benefit your health.
Need something specific? Use the red search box in the upper right of every page on Konsyl.com.

Come see AddFiber.com too!

For those just learning about the power of Konsyl fiber, visit AddFiber.com. That’s where you’ll get tasty recipes, top fiber foods to keep on your grocery list, and everything you wanted to know about psyllium. Pass it along to friends and family to help keep them healthy!

And because it’s February – Heart Health Month – I wanted to let you in on psyllium for your heart. Konsyl Psyllium Fiber is the intelligent choice for cholesterol lowering!
Fiber from psyllium seed husks is the modern alternative for heart health and body harmony. Statins and other prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs are associated with harmful side effects. Some have had such debilitating side effects they have been pulled from the market. Konsyl psyllium fiber powder is a natural, over-the-counter option.Clinical studies have shown that the soluble fiber in 14 grams of psyllium husks daily can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, when added to a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. One little teaspoonful of Konsyl Original psyllium fiber contains 6 big grams of psyllium husks. That’s hard to beat! Compare to that “other” brand — I bet you’ll only get 3 or 4 grams of psyllium in a teaspoon. Get the lowdown on natural heart health and fiber.

Have you ever had the “I got to go feeling” ???  Well, it is hard to admit, so don’t.

But as we all get older, we have to pay attention to our bodies.   In talking with a lot of people it is amazing how many people go to bed at night and wake up two or three times because of trips to the bathroom.  Your sleep is important and when it is disturbed you end up the next day tired.  Sound familiar?

There are other situations where people will not go out of the house or if they do it is planned on where there are bathrooms.  I did not believe that but again people have told me. 

I was also surprised when some friends of the family admitted that women, as they mature, have accidents.  Its just part of management.

Well, Konsyl has introduced a Bladder Control product  http://www.konsyl.com/bladder.html  This is an all natural supplement which has helped many people.  It is a unique blend of Soy and Pumpkin Seed extract, which has been clinically tested.  Will it help you???  Give it a try. 

We recently had this product introduced on The Danielle Lin show, a radio talk person who deals with a number of natural products to help improve your life.  Her website is:  www.daniellelin.com .  After the show we e-mailed each other and she gave us a great testimony.  Danielle takes our Bladder Control product and after 2 weeks she noticed she began sleeping through the night.

So there you have it.  If this situattion sounds familar—why not give it a shot.


The Fiber guy