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It’s the end of March and I almost forgot about a terrific article that I saw in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It was the February issue: “Know Your Heart.” A friend of mine called me and said, ” You just got a great mention  in this article.”   Well, Easton is a small town but that Saturday I went out and, after a few stops, I found the issue. Now I want to share it with you.

As we age, there are things we all must learn. Managing your health — and especially being heart healthy —  is one of the essentials.   Did you know that 1 in 3 women dies from heart disease, a problem that is largely preventable? The article goes on to suggest that, with regular exercise,  a proper diet and also adding some supplements, you can help decrease the risk.

The first addition to your daily routine is to start adding soluble fiber.  We have all heard about adding fiber; it’s in all the papers and on TV. Yet what this article recommend?  Why, psyllium, of course.

I know, I know, psyllium is used as a laxative and you’re saying, “I don’t need a laxative.”  Psyllium has more uses. Clinical studies done with both oatmeal and psyllium were reviewed by the FDA.  The Food and Drug Administration review found that there was a heart health benefit.  In fact, you can reduce  your cholesterol anywhere from 10-15% by adding these fibers to your daily routine.   So how much psyllium do I need per day?  Well, the article says 10 to 12 grams per day.  (Check our chart of recommended amounts of Konsyl psyllium fiber products.)

Now the two products that I know about which are registered as over the counter (OTC) drugs are Metamucil and Konsyl.  Everyone knows Metamucil because Proctor & Gamble has done a wonderful job in advertising this product.

You may not know about Konsyl but you may want to take a minute and learn about us. Konsyl is the only OTC product which contains ONLY 100% Natural Psyllium. This is important because you want the most bang for your buck. The other benefit of Konsyl is that it does not contain any fillers,  sugars  or flavors. If you’re watching your glucose levels, this is great to know.

I know you’re thinking psyllium is hard to mix.  Not if you know the secret.  Add it to your favorite juice in a shaker cup or use a whisk.  It blends up just right!!! You can also get creative and find ways of making it right for you (get psyllium recipe ideas here).

Now, don’t try to start taking too much at once because as a all-natural product, it takes time to adjust your routine.  As a lot of smart people tell me:  “You cannot run a marathon until you learn to do a 3K  first.”  So start off with a smaller dose (1/4 teaspoon) and build up to a level you are comfortable with.  It takes all of one minute!  Less time than it takes to brush your teeth — and you do that every day, don’t you??

Face it : Your life is not practice, it is the real deal!  We have to learn how to manage our good health and Iwould rather do that then to have to take medicine the rest of my life.   So if your cholesterol levels  are borderline high, why not try the natural solution?  Why not try Konsyl? And don’t forget you can still get this trial pack of Konsyl psyllium (which comes with the shaker cup!) for less than $3.

Have a good day.

The Fiber Guy

P.S.  Take a look at your grocery or pharmacy shelf. Konsyl is right there with the other fiber supplements — look for the burgundy cap. You can also make it easy and order online. Here’s a list of stores that carry Konsyl.


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It’s Friday the 13th and I keep checking on this blog from time to time.  It seems once you start this you really cannot stop.  I see quite a few people searching for info on Konsyl vs Metamucil. So I wanted to address WHY to choose Konsyl over Metamucil and other products.

First,  you should know only two fiber products can make claims: Konsyl and Metamucil.   We are both considered “Over the Counter  Drugs” (OTC) and with that status comes  the right to make medical claims.  I know you see beautiful people drinking things on TV but that doesn’t tell you anything. All fibers are not the same.  Read on and learn.

Konsyl has nearly TWICE the fiber! Know why it has twice the fiber???  It is easy. When Konsyl originated many, many years ago, it was formulated as a pure, psyllium-based product.  The general dose for all these types of products is a teaspoon. With Konsyl, 6 grams of our psyllium fits on a teaspoon.

spoonful of Konsyl psyllium

Why is that important???  Most products have other things in them such as sugars, maltodextrin and artificial flavors.  Those products only give you 3.4 grams of fiber per teaspoon. If we compare apples to apples, half a teaspoon of Konsyl is equal to a full teaspoon of the other products.

1/2 teaspoon Konsyl = 1 full teaspoon competitor’s fiber

You may think you are getting more for your money with a BIG canister, but how much FIBER are you really getting???

Another point I learned from a pharmacist this week: The purer the product, the better it is for you. That should be a easy one to remember! If you are trying to add fiber to your life and  you are trying to go  “Natural,” think of Konsyl.

The Fiber Guy

P.S. Don’t forget, you can try Konsyl for 7 days. You just pay S&H. You won’t regret it! Get the Konsyl trial pack here.

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It’s been quiet here on the blog – we’ve been busy working on new websites! Now I am thrilled to show them to you. Come check out the new www.konsyl.com and www.addfiber.com. They are awesome!

A look at the new www.konsyl.com

A look at the new http://www.konsyl.com

Get your own diet diary to keep track of daily fiber grams. Or try the Fiber Quiz.
Learn more about other ways fiber can benefit your health.
Need something specific? Use the red search box in the upper right of every page on Konsyl.com.

Come see AddFiber.com too!

For those just learning about the power of Konsyl fiber, visit AddFiber.com. That’s where you’ll get tasty recipes, top fiber foods to keep on your grocery list, and everything you wanted to know about psyllium. Pass it along to friends and family to help keep them healthy!

And because it’s February – Heart Health Month – I wanted to let you in on psyllium for your heart. Konsyl Psyllium Fiber is the intelligent choice for cholesterol lowering!
Fiber from psyllium seed husks is the modern alternative for heart health and body harmony. Statins and other prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs are associated with harmful side effects. Some have had such debilitating side effects they have been pulled from the market. Konsyl psyllium fiber powder is a natural, over-the-counter option.Clinical studies have shown that the soluble fiber in 14 grams of psyllium husks daily can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, when added to a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. One little teaspoonful of Konsyl Original psyllium fiber contains 6 big grams of psyllium husks. That’s hard to beat! Compare to that “other” brand — I bet you’ll only get 3 or 4 grams of psyllium in a teaspoon. Get the lowdown on natural heart health and fiber.

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I planned to go for run today. I talked to my youngest son on the cell phone and told him how hot it was outside.  I forgot he is working on a landscaping crew therefore I was talking to the wrong person.  Then he said there might only be one person running on a day like today and he guessed right.  Dear old Dad was putting his 3 miles in today when the temperature hit around HOT!!!!!  While I was running, a woman walking looked at me and said, You must be stupid.”  How rude.  It’s most likely not a good day for running — but for over 25 years I have been running and it’s the only thing that clears my mind.   Besides, how did she know ?

Here is the question for the day: How did you get to our website?  Was it product related or did you type in a keyword and it led you here?  I would really like to know.  I would also be interested in knowing if you had been using another product before trying ours.  You know, Benefiber or Metamucil. Just click the link below that says “comments” to leave your thoughts.

Being the smaller guy in the market you wonder why our constomers are so loyal.  Please let me know.  Anyway, the weather in the East is supposed to break tonight so running tommorrow will be better.

The fiber guy

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I have been away for a few days, doing research on fiber and it seems I am more confused today then I was yesterday.  There is so much information out there on fiber that it could give you a headache.  So what do you do?  Should I take fiber or should I not?  Can I add enough to my diet that I do not need to supplement?  My doctor has recommended that I start taking a fiber drink.  Which one is right for me?  

The first thing you should do is identify WHY you are going to start with the fiber.  I don’t know the reason you are here, but our website stats tell me that most of our visitors (88%) come to learn more about Konsyl fiber because of a health condition.

You have most likely started to change your diet. But you’ve probably found out that unless you are really aware of the foods you eat each day, the ideal level of 25-35 grams of fiber is hard to achieve each day.

Lastly, you have looked at other fibers and you are trying to figure out:
 Is Konsyl right for me?  And that is a good question. 

I have looked into fibers. The greatest thing I have found out is that psyllium is a perfect fiber because it comes to you in its most natural form.  Psyllium has not had a lot processing. We have not stripped away what nature wanted you to have.  Psyllium has been used for centuries to help you manage many conditions, which is why it is classified as an OTC Drug.  Lastly, it has been found to help in managing your cholesterol levels. (See this article about the medical study – in PDF format)

The next time you’re in the fiber aisle at the drugstore, take a look at all the products.  Which ones make specific statements? 

Only Metamucil and Konsyl. 

Now I know Metamucil is known and Konsyl is not. But take a look at Konsyl.  It’s the one in the burgundy cap. 

We have been on the market for 75 years!!!   We are all natural!!!  Konsyl Original has no fillers or sugars!!!  And best of all, our loyal customers say it works!!!!!!! (Check out some of the customer reviews.)

So, do you take fiber???   Why not???

The fiber guy.  

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